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A world class
anti-counterfeit solution

An invisible fingerprint
for your products

Protect your brand with isAuthentic


No alteration

Doesn’t disrupt the manufacturing process, product or packaging.


Accessible, insightful

Fast installation out of the box accessibility makes it a great plug-and-play solution.


Simple, fast results

Shut down counterfeiters early in the process by accessing worldwide statistics within minutes.


Tailor-made for each manufacturer

Product installation is tailor-made to fit the specific needs of each customer and manufacturing line.

in seconds

isAuthentic scans every single product label and assigns each unit with a unique digital fingerprint. This enables users to swiftly authenticate their products using our app. 

isAuthentic can identify every single unit as unique in the matter of seconds, even with the products coming from the same manufacturing line.


The importance of counterfeit protection

The counterfeit market is ever growing and brands in all industries are facing the dangers that counterfeit products pose.

By not protecting your brand against counterfeit products you are putting your company, brand and products at risk.

Inquire us about isAuthentic and pricing

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