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isAuthentic is the complete anti-counterfeit solution

Protecting your brand from counterfeit hazards

No alteration on production line 

isAuthentic does not disrupt the manufacturing process, product, or packaging in any way. Our product is seamless and lets our clients remain themselves. isAuthentic provides world class counterfeit protection, without altering the procedures of our clients.

How does isAuthentic work?

isAuthentic creates a unique digital fingerprint of each produced product. 

Users can swiftly and accurately authenticate any product through their mobile device.


Accessible, insightful

isAuthentic is accessible, easy to use and quick to install. Customers can protect their brands from counterfeit hazards without any hassle. Out of the box installation makes it effortless to install our hardware and enjoy our software. Accessibility at its finest.

Simple, fast results

isAuthentic shuts down counterfeiters early in the process before they cause any harm. By accessing worldwide statistics within minutes, isAuthentic can combat counterfeits around the globe, keeping our customers and their brands safe.


Tailored solution

isAuthentic is tailored to suit the specific needs of each customer and manufacturing line. isAuthentic works with all product types in all industries and is made to fit each customer perfectly.

Authenticate products within seconds

Users can easily authenticate products within seconds using the isAuthentic app.


Product scan

User scans product with mobile app.


Send information

App sends image to cloud service.


Analyze data

Cloud service analyses product data.



Product is identified as authentic or fake.

Inquire us about isAuthentic and pricing

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